Compress Code Website

Welcome to the code compress website where you can use the free CSS Compression, Java script and HTML minification tools we have designed to minify and compress your website CSS, Java, HTML code to improve the overall speed of a website to make it load faster and to provide website visitors with a better user experience. Google also loves fast websites and ranks them higher in the search engine results. The free tools we have available to minify and compress your code can speed up your website.

Free Tools

We offer the following free tools at the website which you can use to compress and minify your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to improve the overall speed of your website.

  1. CSS Compressor to minify CSS code
  2. JavaScript minify tool to compress JS code
  3. HTML minify tool to compress HTML code

We hope you find the free tool we have available at the website useful. If you have any feedback about the tools which will help us to make improvements to the tools please contact us at the website.